Mmmmm…gurl, yes. Like the name implies this ain’t your average yoga class, but the asana will certainly kick your…ass-ana.
Intrigued? In this kula class format, the teacher joins the practice alongside you, making for a fun and connected class environment all while exploring the more “advanced” physical postures of yoga. In this faster-paced class we will use Jedi mind tricks, our best FORM, and good ol’ fashioned hard work while playfully exploring arm balances, inversions, arm balance transitions, and challenging postures and sequencing. {Did we mention the gangsta rap/hip hop-inspired playlist? No? Well, there’s that, too.}
Come prepared to challenge your mind and your body while breaking through your own pre-conceptions of possibility…and have fun while doing it! The last portion of the class is dedicated to some DEEP stretching followed by a sweet, long Savasana.
Leave your ego and your limitations at the door, bring your playful spirit, water, and a towel to soak up the sweat. Taking this class guarantees a good day – you won’t even need your AK.
 *Intermediate/Advanced practice. Solid vinyasa yoga experience required to attend.

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